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Here at we are passionate about clean, nutrient rich plant-based eating habits and fitness of all kinds. We aim to provide a variety of news, recipes, products and reference material to those who have discovered the wonders of building the body without the consumption of animal products.

Simply put, our mission is to provide a quick reference site for all things related to vegan fitness. From here you will discover many other great sites, influencers and companies that cater to your active and healthy lifestyle. We always keep an eye on what’s new and useful and put you, our customers’ needs first. That’s why our shop only displays products which have been handpicked based on user reviews and high overall rating. All products selected and displayed in our store have at least a 4-5 star rating on, so you know people just like you have tried, tested and loved everything you find .

New to the veganism and the plant-based lifestyle?

It can be hard to know where to start or how to overcome the barriers preventing you from embarking on a new and rewarding life path.  Couple this with intentions to build muscle, run a marathon or just stay fit and all of a sudden it can seem like a hard if not impossible task. Can I can build muscle with no meat? Don’t you need meat to be healthy? Can you be an athlete on a vegan diet?

These and many more questions are what we hope to help you answer. And in case you’re not sure, the answers are yes, no and yes!

We at HQ have come from vegan backgrounds and are also no strangers to the gym, so everything on the site is essentially what we love and what would have been useful at the beginning of our own journeys. The interests of our customers are always top priority for us and we truly hope that you find value in the resources provided on the site. If you would like to contribute or there is something you would like to see on the site send us a little message at

Together lets improve life for ourselves, other people, animals and the earth…


… and get super fit whilst doing so!